Get answers to your questions from your peers.

AskGeeser is a peer, social networking platform where kids – middle to high school-aged – can ask questions and find the answers – in a cool way! 

Why AskGeeser?

Every kid knows that when you don’t know something, the best way to get an answer is to ask. AskGeeser allows your child’s peers to help them learn and grow by asking questions and finding answers from their peers.

How AskGeeser Works

Learning by asking questions.

A cool place to ask questions and get answers from peers, play games, and meet new friends. We make learning so easy you can do it everywhere, at anytime!

Gaining More with Personalized Experience

With AskGeeser, kids can develop individual learning experiences and obtain guidance from peers who self-identified themselves as experts in whatever the individual needs help with.

Build Skills as Future Leader

We help kids to become more confident about their future. On our platform, they will be able to project themselves into the future and imagine their unique-selves as well as learn important life skills like leadership. They will be equipped with the knowledge that they need to shape their own destiny.


On AskGeeser’s Platform we will offer features designed with kids in mind


With safety in mind we encourage our kids to add profile pictures using avatars! You may also use other non-identifying pictures!


We will monitor our platform to make sure our policy of Zero Tolerance Cyber Bullying is observed. Increased moderation will be provided for paid subscriptions. 


AskGeeser is all about learning life lessons one of those life lessons are goal setting! You will be able to earn Geeser points for answering questions!


Parental Controls just another way to ensure safety

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